Rebecca Vineyard
Updated Dec 26, 2016 @ 10:49 am
Tributes After The Death Of Music Icon George Michael
Credit: Getty/Carl Court

Yesterday we were shocked and saddened to learn that George Michael died at age 53. We’re still processing it. But, one beautiful thing is coming out of this tragedy. We’re learning just how kind and generous George Michael really was. While none of these instances are confirmed, the stories are truly touching.

Many celebrities do generous things for strangers. But not many can say that they’ve done what George Michael allegedly did: paying for a woman’s IVF treatment. That’s not only generous; it’s also a beautiful and significant gesture.

British TV presenter Richard Osman took to Twitter to share a story. Apparently, a contestant on “Deal or No Deal” told him she couldn’t afford IVF treatments. Somehow, Michael learned of her plight and gave her the funds.

Other stories of the Grammy-winning singer’s generosity have surfaced, too. Another Twitter user responded to Osman’s tweet with a similar anecdote. In this instance, Michael apparently heard a woman in a café crying over her debts. So he wrote the woman a check and told the waitress to give it to her when he left.


While we still don’t know for sure whether the stories are confirmed, there are some similarities. It seems George Michael was quite generous with both time and money, for one. It also seems as though he didn’t really want credit for those actions; he wanted to be anonymous or bestow gifts on others without a fuss.

While that makes them harder to verify, it’s in keeping with celebrity tributes that mention his kindness and generosity. It also makes sense that the stories would only surface after his untimely death.

Regardless, our hearts are so warmed by these beautiful stories. RIP, George Michael. He is truly missed.