Picture of Conan on Letterman
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When a friend does something nice for us, it’s not out of the ordinary to want to give them a token of our affection. But you know what is out of the ordinary? When your “thank you” turns out to be a horse. Like, an actual, living, large horse. But that’s exactly what David Letterman once gave Conan O’Brien: a horse.

The epic exchange between the two late-night TV hosts happened back in 2015. The reason? O’Brien penned a tribute to Letterman when he was about to retire from The Late Show so Stephen Colbert could take over. You know what they say: No good deed goes unpunished. And indeed, O’Brien did not go unpunished.

Here’s how it went down.

Then the actual gift showed up.

Of course, it wasn’t a vintage Porsche. It was a horse…named Dave.

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And the story only gets better.

When O’Brien went to ride the horse, he was told not to — because it had thrown off two previous riders. So basically, Letterman gifted O’Brien with an ornery horse named Dave. Lesson learned.

So, did O’Brien keep the horse? Watch him tell the full hilarious story below.

Letterman always gets the last word.