Meaghan Kirby
Updated Jan 12, 2018 @ 4:08 pm

As if we couldn’t love David Harbour any more, the Stranger Things actor and all-around fantastic person just took to Instagram to prove that he made good on that Twitter bet with a fan — and the results couldn’t be more amazing.

Back in October, a high school senior named Damaris took to Twitter to ask Harbour how many retweets it would take for him to take her senior photos with her. Harbour surprised Daramris by responding…and adding a few requests in the off-chance she reached her goal. He wrote, “25k. And I get to wear the school sweatshirt and hold a trombone.”

With the support of Stranger Things costar Noah Schnapp and the show’s official Twitter account — both of whom urged followers to retweet Damaris — she reached her goal in just one day. A surprised Harbour acknowledged Damaris’ successful tweet and, quoting Eleven, he told the high school senior to direct message him. Naturally, we were so excited to see the results of this epic shoot. But, that was the last we’d heard about it…until now.

Yesterday, Harbour took to Instagram to post a sneak peek of the shoot, posting a collage consisting of Damaris and a photographer with an official Netflix chair, him reading over the school’s photo guidelines, and a closer look at the guidelines themselves.

In the caption, Harbour seemed excited to partake in this famed high school ritual, writing, “Don’t worry Ms. Esquivez. I believe we’ll meet all requirements for yearbook publication. And we won’t miss that submission due date. Go Warriors!” Naturally, we were waiting with bated breath to see the photos in all their glory.

Now, a day after the acclaimed actor won the Critics Choice award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, he posted the photos from the shoot and they are the definition of magic.

He even saw his requests for a sweatshirt and a trombone granted. He captioned the hilarious photos, “Voted most likely to hijack someone’s high school senior photos 24 years later.”

Seriously though, this photo shoot may be the purest thing on the internet. It’s clear they had so much fun and it’s going to be *pretty* difficult for Damaris to choose her actual senior portrait — so maybe she should get an entire page dedicated to the shoot.

In her own post to Instagram, Damaris revealed that despite the Twitter promise, she didn’t think Harbour would actually follow through. Alongside a series of photos and videos in which Harbour enthusiastically meets Damaris and her family at Netflix offices, she wrote, “Well this is certainly something I didn’t think would actually happen! David is such a sweet dude! Even my 5 month old nephew got in on the action, haha! Can’t wait to share the photos soon!!!”

Bob Newby may be the superhero of Stranger Things, but we definitely think David Harbour is a bit of a superhero in real life. We can’t wait to hear how the yearbook staff reacts to these incredible pics!