Credit: Michael Tran / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Did we even need another reason to love David Cross? Because, we just got one. From now until the day after Christmas, David Cross is working with the ACLU by donating the profits of his latest stand-up album, … America … Great …, to the organization. Even better, it’s been reported that he’ll also match the amount with his own personal donations.

We knew he was funny, but we never knew how truly generous he was. No wonder why Amber Tamblyn, another incredible talent, formed such a great connection with him.

Cross wrote a smart, thoughtful piece about the election results on his blog, which is where he announced his charitable plan.

Cross chose the ACLU, since they benefit so many people who are at risk due to the upcoming Trump presidency.

Of course, as he explained his plan of action a bit further, he added a bit of humor into the situation.

You know what that means — we need to make sure that at least $100,000 is raised.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cross’s stand-up, let’s just say it’s pretty incredible. At this point, Cross is somewhat of a comedy veteran, and this is far from his first comedic album release.

You can get a sneak peek of what to expect in his latest Netflix special, David Cross: Making America Great Again.