First thing’s first — if you haven’t dived into the fifth season of Orange Is the New Black, spoilers will be ahead. And they all circulate around Dascha Polanco’s character of Dayanara.

Let’s first talk about where we last left off. Dayanara — otherwise known as Daya — was holding a gun up to a guard, Thomas Humphrey, mere moments after a riot broke out. The season left us with a cliffhanger, with the audience having no clue as to whether or not Daya fired the gun, or if Humphrey left the scene without damage.

Polanco noted in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the scene was definitely an intense one to shoot.

And, the moment in which (here’s the spoiler) she pulls the trigger may have been a reaction to everything Daya’s been through since entering Litchfield.

According to Polanco, she’s proud that Daya had that moment.

She also finds the show to be pretty revolutionary — and we have to agree. With the way that the fourth season ended, Orange Is the New Black opened up levels of conversation about prison violence that many of us were unaware of.

Fingers crossed that we hear more about Dayanara during the show’s sixth season. Based on the way things were left, we’re not sure what will happen next.