Daniel Radcliffe
Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Daniel Radcliffe, dashing as he is, has a very recognizable face. There’s certainly no arguing with that. But it turns out, according to some photos, Radcliffe shares his signature look with a great many ladies of the past. Particularly somber ones sporting Harry Potter-esque reading glasses throughout history.

Daniel recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show, where the most recent addition to the “Daniel Radcliffe, Time Traveler” photo collection was revealed.

And no matter how hard he tries, Daniel’s historical female doppelgängers keep coming back to haunt him.

Without further ado, let’s look at the photo that seemingly captures young Daniel Radcliffe in 1922.

Credit: The Graham Norton Show/

Just…wow. The glasses, the haircut, even the hint of a smile? They all seem to point to one explanation: Daniel Radcliffe is a very talented time traveler.

Poor Daniel, but truer words have never been spoken. Watch the full hilarious video below:

Honestly, this joke is never going to get old.