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It’s hard being a celebrity — hear us out — it’s true. Actress Dakota Johnson says that everything she says turns into clickbait and it’s really spot-on.

Sure there are a lot of great sides to being a star, we’re not trying to disprove that, but the whole spinning one’s words thing, is a major downside.

The Fifty Shades Darker star stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday and proved that when you talk as a actor, what people hear isn’t always what you said.

When talking about interviews and how awkward they can get, Johnson opened up about the fact that a LOT of publications spin what she says. Or they hold onto one specific line, out of context, for the lead. Seriously, how annoying would that be?

Need an example? Johnson has a really good one, which will make you laugh, but also bug you.

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“The other day I had someone ask me what my favorite sex toy was, which is like…inappropriate. I was like, ‘That’s an inappropriate question.’ I can’t answer in the right way. I said, ‘I don’t have one. Let’s move on.’ But then the headline was like: ‘She Doesn’t Have One Favorite Sex Toy,'” she revealed.

“I can’t win! I either hate sex toys — so why am I doing this movie? — or I love them and I’m a sex fiend,” she added.

Of course, Meyers added in his two cents with a funny solution saying, “Just say one that doesn’t exist. Be like, ‘The Scrambler.’ And if they don’t know what a scrambler is, say, ‘You should find out — it’s going to change your life!'”

When the talkshow host later asked the 27-year-old actress about “sexy masks,” which you can see in the Fifty Shades Darker trailer, she caught Meyers and pointed out that it was a trap question!

“Do you find the masks alluring?” Meyers asked before Johnson reminded him, “If I answer this question, they’ll be like, ‘She Loves Masks.'”Johnson even pondered the idea of playing someone who wasn’t in a sexy, S&M style movie, to see if she’d still produce clickbait stories.

“If I were playing a dental hygienist, would the questions be like, ‘Do you love teeth? Do you love people’s mouths?'” she asked.

LOL, would this be the question?

We get that you sign up for the fame when you become and actor, but twisting your words for a story is totally wild, and uncool.