Rachel Paige
August 08, 2016 6:10 pm
Lucasfilm, HelloGiggles

Hey Daisy Ridley, you just deleted your Instagram, for the saddest reason ever, and you probably need a truly ~feel good~ day. What are you gonna do?

Go to Disneyland, of course.

Last Wednesday, our newest Star Wars heroine deleted her Instagram, and we were all like 😞😩😓. But Daisy, you do you, and if it means deleting your IG, we’re there for you.

Then on Thursday, our newest Star Wars heroine hit up the Happiest Place on Earth, and looked like she was having the best time ever. WE’RE SO HAPPY DAISY IS HAPPY.

She also looked ridiculously adorable in a blue-striped romper and a heart purse. Repeat: Daisy is here to make bright red heart purses the must-have thing for the fall.

While many stars head to Disneyland and shy away from meeting and interacting guests, Daisy is not one of them. She stopped and posed for pictures with DOZENS of guests in the park, all of them ridiculously excited to have met the lady who just might bring balance to the force.

Judging from where all these pictures were taken, it sure looks like Daisy hopped around the parks and it looks like she did a whole lot of EVERYTHING. We’re super glad to see that she’s happy, and clearly had a fun filled magical day.