Wei-Ning Yu
Updated Aug 05, 2017 @ 5:12 pm
Cynthia Nixon
Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

Cynthia Nixon is a Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress. We know (and love) her best as the cynical, razor-sharp, lovable lawyer Miranda Hobbes in HBO’s hit series Sex in the City. So, our eyes positively lit up when The Wall Street Journal reported that the actress is mulling a run against New York governor, Andrew Cuomo. Yes — he’s planning to run for a third-term, and she’s only considering it for now. But dang it, it’d be so cool to see Miranda — er, Cynthia Nixon — run against the two-term Democrat (whose national ambitions are kinda obvious). According to WSJ, liberal groups have been encouraging her to run for awhile now. She hasn’t sparked to the idea in the past, but close associates report that this time, Nixon is considering it. Oooh, the plot thickens!

Before we have a little fun with the Miranda Hobbes side of things, it’s important to note that Cynthia Nixon is and has been a liberal activist for years. According to Vanity Fair, she campaigned for President Barack Obama, Senator Al Franken and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. She’s fought for Planned Parenthood and NYC public schools.

Billy Easton, the director of the Alliance for Quality Education, told WSJ why he supports her potential candidacy:

Is it so wrong that a little part of us can’t help but wonder what a Miranda Hobbes and Governor Cuomo face-off would look like?

Sure — he may have $25 million in campaign funds, but Miranda knows how to handle her business. She does it all with her trademark sarcasm and wry wit.

Oh, and let’s not forget the thing we love most about Miranda — her compassion. Remember the time she helped Steve apartment hunt after their break-up? Or what about the time she told Carrie the truth about her crazy obsession with Big?

Uh, yeah — that was cathartic for us all! And who could forget that heart-wrenching montage when she wandered the streets of Brooklyn, looking for Steve’s mother?

Needless to say, we are super duper excited by this latest political development (even if Cynthia is only in the consideration phase). We’d gladly stump for this activist and mega-talented actress.