Alyssa Thorne
March 29, 2017 3:26 pm

If you want nightmares forever, def check out this horrifying new Cristiano Ronaldo statue that was just installed in the Madeira airport. Seriously, we’re expecting the Madeira airport to become a mecca-like destination for horror fans near and far. If you’re at all familiar with Cristiano Ronaldo’s actual face, though, based on the fact that we chose the word “horrifying” to describe a statue of his face should probably communicate just how inaccurate this statue is. We’ve seen truly awful wax figures before, but we’re especially confused and upset about this bronze sculpture.

Unsurprisingly, the internet has a lot of feelings about this really vexing not-very-lookalike.

Twitter was quick to point out all the things this sculpture looks like that definitely aren’t Cristiano Ronaldo.

Shockingly, this wasn’t the first time Ronaldo got some questionable statue treatment. We’re wondering if perhaps he’s so good-looking, his proper likeness simply can’t be captured. You can’t recreate perfection, after all.

The internet was also super on its photoshop game, and we’re really loving the results.

We also weren’t the only ones to think this statue might be better suited to starring in a horror film than welcoming travelers to Madeira…

The sculpture was unveiled for the renaming ceremony of the Madeira airport to the Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, which seems like a huge honor. We hope that Ronaldo was able to find the humor in the statue as easily as the denizens of the internet did, and wasn’t disappointed by it, but wow. Really easy to see why this statue was…a bust. (GET IT?)