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Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were the Kardashians’ killer bodies. Khloe Kardashian is proud of her new “revenge” body, and she isn’t one to keep a secret to herself. The reality star is giving us the inside scoop about famous sisters’ diets.

The Kardashian diets are seriously insane.

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In a new blog post on her website, the 32-year-old talk show host reveals what her sisters eat in a day. Their diets are pretty intense, to say the least. The post was appropriately titled “My Sisters’ Diets Are Cray,” and Khloe isn’t exaggerating, either. After this, we’re going to eat everything KoKo eats on her cheat day. #SorryNotSorry

“We all have such different eating habits that sometimes when we’re trying to choose a restaurant I wonder if we’re even related. LOL!” she writes.

It makes sense that Kim is going above and beyond to be skinnier than ever, especially after having two adorable kids, North and Saint West. But also, the business mogul is obsessed with maintaining her “big booty” status.

“I wouldn’t last a day on Kim’s new diet,” Khloe admits about her sister’s Atkins diet plan. “It involves cutting out all sugar and carbs but it allows meat and dairy.”

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She adds, “I like sweets too much and also don’t eat red meat or dairy, so I’m saying hell no to this one!”

We couldn’t agree more. The only sugar we’d be willing to cut out of our lives is Candy Crush, and even that’s pushing it. Kim seriously deserves an award for being able to control her cravings.

Next on Khloe’s list of diet secrets is none other than her model sister Kendall Jenner. And if you’re jealous of her genes, prepare to be filled with rage because this girl loves to eat junk food.

“People always find it funny that [Kendall] is on the anti–model diet,” Khloe writes.

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People probably find it unfair that the 20-year-old cover girl is on the “anti–model” diet and doesn’t gain weight like the rest of us.

“She loves burgers and pizza and goes to In–N–Out all the time. Kendall is my go-to girl on cheat day!”

Umm, can she be our go-to girl also? Share your secrets with us, Kendall!

As for Kylie, her big sister Khloe dishes that she eats very differently from Kendall.

“Kylie eats like a typical teenager but she’s also super aware of what she puts in her body when it comes to fresh and organic foods,” Khloe explains. “It’s all about that moderation, too!”

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If you’re a Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan, then you know that Kourtney Kardashian’s meal plan is the most insane out of everyone’s. She follows a super strict diet that only someone truly dedicated could handle.

“Kourt only eats organic food and has pretty much convinced herself that she is allergic to dairy and gluten too,” Khloe writes. “She’s by far the most cray about her diet!”

Khloe feels kinda bad about the food in her kitchen when Kourtney comes over.

“I always feel like I need to lock my pantry before she comes over so she doesn’t yell at me for what’s in it, LOL.”

So now we know which Kardashian we want to have dinner with — Kendall, hit us up, girl.