Briana Hansen
Updated Sep 17, 2016 @ 11:57 am
Credit: Shutterstock

In case you’ve never heard of a moon bath before, it’s apparently a ritual for cleansing yourself (and your energy) during different phases of the moon. During full moons, it encourages healing. During new moons, it encourages cleansing.

It also happens to be what Courtney Love just did while on a gorgeous getaway in South England that is totally making us want to do the same.

The simplicity of her set up along with the totally gorgeous rustic environment is making us start to look up local places where we can do something so relaxing ourselves.

Based on her hashtags, Courtney seems to be having a great time in Oxfordshire at the Soho Farmhouse with other like-minded women looking for some recharging.

And while Courtney only shared a picture of the bath as it was being prepared, one of her squad posted what it looks like when you’re actually moon bathing and it’s seriously so relaxing we can’t handle.

At the very least, we need one of those floral headbands so we can channel the same happy, hippie chic.

Now that we know moon baths are a thing, we’re totally down to try one ourselves.

Even though it looks like something right out of a romantic dream to take a moon bath in the British countryside just like a rockstar, you can create DIY moon baths wherever you are.