Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

It seems like everyone is speaking out after last Tuesday’s presidential election. Luckily, one country star’s words are definitely a bit more on the optimistic side than some others. Just recently, Brad Paisley spoke up about the election results, and noted that the overall negativity isn’t doing us much good.

Paisley spoke out during an interview with People that took place right after his iHeart Country Live show. In his eyes, negative vibes were coming from all angles.

While we’re a big fan of speaking out for what we believe in, and refusing to be silenced, we admit that it’s time to try and rise up against the gloom and doom. Instead, we should be looking around to see how we can make a difference in bettering this world we have.

The best reaction? Taking action. Donating your time (and some money, if you’re in a position to do so) will both help our rights stay protected, and spread the message that people still care deeply about the health and wellness of others.

No matter what, we’re happy that Brad Paisley is trying to stay positive. We’re so glad to hear that all he really wants is some peace and unity. Of course, all of this election news is just another reminder that strong leadership is often taught first at home.

Based on that, we have a feeling that the Paisley boys will both grow up to be incredibly loving people.