Credit: TBS/YouTube

Working out can kind of suck, and sometimes you just need a friendly face to provide some motivation. Or you know…some healthy negging. And Vulture let us know that Kevin Hart and Conan O’Brien hit the gym together, and they had a pretty *special* rapport going on.

Honestly, just seeing these two stand next to each other is cracking us up. Two human beings could not look so different…yet so perfect, side-by-side. Hart even riffs on how ghostly, inhumanly pale Conan is, and we’re still laughing.

And next best was when Conan explains why he doesn’t work out:

LOL. They’re so mean to each other, and yet, we want more.

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This whole bit basically revolves around two incredibly funny people getting the space and opportunity to do what they do best — be funny, and we could seriously watch them do it all day. In fact, Hollywood, if you’re listening, we straight up demand a Conan/Hart buddy cop film ASAP!

Or at least another sketch please. This comedic chemistry is too good to waste.