Madison Vanderberg
October 11, 2017 4:04 pm

Sometimes fans of a TV show get a little extra when it comes to their fantasies about the characters. Apparently, members of the Riverdale fandom approach Cole Sprouse on the street and demand to know if his twin brother Dylan will ever appear on the show. To those hopeful fans, Cole says “Uh, no.” To be totally fair, there is a character in the Archie comics called Souphead who is Jughead’s cousin, so maybe they wanted Dylan in that role? Regardless, Cole gets asked this question a lot and he finally revealed why both he and his bro think it’s the weirdest idea.

Glamour asked Cole what the chances are that Dylan would make a guest-starring role on the hit CW show, and Cole said, “Zero. Absolutely zero.”

Wow. Someone has feelings about that.

We completely agree with Cole. Casting his brother would be like playing right into the whims of a small subset of Tumblr, and that’s not how TV shows work. But sorry to anyone that was holding out for a Suite Life reunion on Riverdale.