Not a lot of people can say they were the biggest thing on television at thirteen. But that title comes with a lot of baggage. For example: Cole Sprouse hilariously apologized for makeup-shaming comments he made ten years ago. We’re sure that wasn’t part of his Suite Life plans.

Even though Cole Sprouse is now starring in the CW show Riverdale, it wasn’t that long ago that he appeared on every television screen and magazine cover for preteens. Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20. All those throwaway interviews seem to be coming back up, and he has the unfortunate luck of seeing them resurface.

In addition to answering age-inappropriate questions about his interest in girls, Cole gave a few specifics in an interview. When asked about the kinds of girls he liked, Cole Sprouse gave this answer…

It is safe to say that Cole Sprouse is done making makeup-shaming comments as an adult. In the same way that we look at old photographs of us in middle school with horror, Cole finds these past comments totally off base.

He’s gotten some pretty amazing responses to his tweet…


And his caption shows that he’s changed his ways.

It sounds like Cole has learned that shaming women for wearing makeup is pretty bad behavior. Now, he has better qualities that he looks for in a romantic partner.

Whatever Cole said in interviews as a child, we’ve got to admire his Twitter game now.