Credit: Isa Foltin / German Select / Getty Images

On How I Met Your Mother, Robin Scherbatsky was definitively flawed, but was overall a strong, powerful character who wasn't (too) afraid to chase after the things she wanted. Off-screen, the actress who plays her is just the same. Cobie Smulders recently got real about posing topless for Women's Health magazine, and wrote an essay for Lena Dunham's Lenny about how much the experience meant to her.

Smulders is a survivor. Back in 2008, a 25-year-old Smulders overcame ovarian cancer, which is quite the scary diagnosis, especially at such a young age. After undergoing treatment, Smulders admitted that she had some difficulty with reclaiming her body.

Smulders appeared on the cover last year. Within the issue, she opened up about her diagnosis for the first time.

Of course, after going through so much, you might not feel totally comfortable embracing your body the way you used to. Or, you might not really know how.

To help fight the cancer further, Smulders started a raw diet, and also took up both yoga and meditation. Combined, all of these helped her listen to her own body a little bit better, and understand more about herself.

So, being able to pose in such a way where you bare it all, really helps make you appreciate all that you have. Smulders created a lovely cover, and even better, opened up an incredible conversation about cancer.

We're so proud of her, and think she's such an inspiration to women, as well as those going through the struggle of battling the disease.