Dasha Fayvinova
Updated Apr 03, 2017 @ 2:57 pm

Who says you need to be at a music festival in order to make a fashion statement? Turns out you can do it anywhere! Maybe that’s why Ciara’s baby shower looked like it belonged at Coachella. In addition to being boho stunning in a flowy white dress, the mother-to-be rocked a perfect flower crown.

Ciara and her close friends looked fabulous wearing all-white ensembles.

Obviously, the songstress stood out with her unique gown and flowing hair. She was positively glowing and we couldn’t keep our eyes off of her. Luckily, her social media shared all sorts of looks at the event.

Despite Coachella being the most popular event that people rock flower crowns at, Ciara somehow makes it to be even more magical. Adding flowers to her already dreamy look makes the shower truly feel playful.

The chart-topper looked like a hippy-goddess, and we are loving it.

Ciara’s husband, Russell Wilson, joined his wife at the co-ed baby shower. He also dawned an all-white outfit. And he looked equally as dapper.

Ciara’s pregnancy looks have been FIRE.

Ciara has been serving us with gorgeous pregnancy fashion left and right.

Even though she is close to giving birth, the recording artist still rocks heels and gowns! Amazing. She also doesn’t shy away from giving us a more natural look as well.

Most of us wish we looked like that if we ever have children. Somehow Ciara manages to make her pregnancy easy breezy and beautiful.

Since Ciara’s baby shower looked as good as it did, we cannot wait to see what other delightful events she has in store for the baby.