Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen knows how to use Twitter. By this we mean Chrissy Teigan has perfected the art of snark in the allotted 140-character limit. The “Lip-Sync Battle” co-host/model/television personality/all around role model Teigen recently found herself blocked from President Trump’s Twitter account for openly and consistently criticizing the president on her feed. So, it’s no surprise that Chrissy sent Twitter into another tizzy when she announced the following: “Hello I would like to buy a team.” As most online posts go these days, users took it quite literally and lost their minds.

Of course, Chrissy Teigen isn’t really going to buy a sports team.

She said she wants to buy one. It’s a #lifegoal. Can’t a girl tell Twitter her #lifegoals without it turning into a circus? Apparently not.

Of course, everyone had to have a say.


But real talk, who wouldn’t love to have Chrissy as their team owner and professional sports motivator? We’re already imagining #TeamTeigen uniforms and sportswear.

There must have been a slew of Cleveland Browns fans on the Internet right when she posted this, because three users/fans immediately responded. Not one to disappoint, Chrissy responded with the following:

Everything got a little out of hand when Sports Center picked up the “story” and ran with it. Oops! (You do kinda wonder how these things can spiral out of control. And well, you’re sorta witnessing this in the here and now.)

Of course, one Twitter user misunderstood the point of Chrissy’s entire feed and posted a snarky post of her own.

And, clapback queen as always, Chrissy couldn’t let this one go. She responded with:

Yes — Twitter has taught us the same. We bow down to your witty clapbacks, your punchy posts and general kick-assery, Chrissy! Keep the Tweets rolling! As for this little online episode, we just have one little question for you. So… Are you buying a sports team?