We’ve never seen any duo embody the saying “like father, like son” so literally before. John Legend and his son Miles are pretty much different versions of the same person, and Chrissy Teigen took yet another photo to prove it.

chrissy teigen and john legend
Credit: Victor Boyko, Getty Images

The Legend-Teigen family will ring in the New Year in the tropics. And Teigen has been posting a plethora photos from their warm-weather vacation—one of which shows Legend and Miles chilling out in the pristine blue water.

“Da bears,” Teigen captioned the pic, referencing the nickname she gave the two men in her life. Legend and Miles have the same expression on their faces, and truthfully, we can only tell them apart because one is small and one is big. Otherwise, we’d be at a complete loss.

As multiple people pointed out in the comments, these two are actually twins. There must be some time travel going on here.

Need more proof? Okay, here you go:

Still not convinced? Try this one on for size:

Before jet setting to the tropics, the family spent Christmas in Wyoming, where Teigen wrote that she “found [her] happy place.”

We’re glad that Teigen, Luna, and “da bears” are having a great holiday season. We can’t wait to see how much more Miles transforms into his father come 2020.