Vrinda Jagota
August 03, 2016 11:22 am
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In years to come, Internet culture will be defined as BC and AC—Before Chrissy and After Chrissy. She is consistently one of the sharpest, funniest voices out there, sharing everything from pics of her baby, to thoughts on Donald Trump, to late night food cravings.

In a perfect show of charming self-deprecation, her Twitter bio is “@lowellconrad says my cook book ideas are stupid.”

Her internet persona is like an amazing hybrid of the reassurance and kindness of your mom, paired with the coolness of your friends’ older siblings, and the sense of humor of the guy who always stuck straws up his nose at lunch in middle school.

Today, she gave us a little insight into her Internet habits by posting a picture of the words she is now able to block thanks to a new Instagram feature that is currently being rolled out to individual high-profile users.

She blocked the word “Trump”, as well as a number of offensive words often used to harass women on the Internet, and terms used by scam diet accounts.

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It is important to see Chrissy taking such a public stand against online harassment, which can be really insensitive and hurtful, and which disproportionately affects young women on the Internet.

According to a Pew study, 26% of women between the ages of 18 and 23 say they have been stalked online, and 25% have had to deal with online sexual harassment.

Chrissy herself is no stranger to unfounded critique from trolls. She has been accused of being a bad mother because she went out to dinner a few days after her baby was born, and because she ate artificially dyed food, and a picture she uploaded breastfeeding her baby was seen by insensitive Internet users as showy or self absorbed.

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But, as always, she responds to criticism with strength, poise, and wit that is serious #Internetgoals.