One of our ultimate favorite celebrity moms is Chrissy Teigen, since she makes parenthood fun. Even though we don’t know her personally (if only!) we can tell that she keeps an entertaining household with husband John Legend and daughter Luna, who’s actually celebrating her first birthday today.

When Luna was just three months old, Teigen already saw her as being part of the pack.

Obviously Luna’s first year was full of adventure. Teigen wasn’t shy to share pictures and videos of Luna having the best baby-life ever.

So, we love the fact that Teigen admits that parenting can only enhance your life. But of course, she made sure to note that life won’t pick up exactly where it left off.

Teigen, who is already passionate about cooking (after all, her cookbook has gotten a lot of attention for all the right reasons) even makes sure to incorporate Luna into her hobby — even though Luna’s palate likely isn’t developed just yet.

New moms and mothers-to-be can definitely learn a thing or two from Teigen. Even though she keeps it fun, she doesn’t take the spotlight away from other issues that happen to new mothers, like postpartum depression. In fact, Teigen admitted that she suffered from it, as do one in nine women who give birth.

Teigen’s parenting style and attitude towards #momlife are just two of the many reasons why we look up to her. Throughout this year, she’s proven that motherhood doesn’t have to be the end of a fun life. We’ll never get enough of her outings with Luna, and can’t wait to see what year two brings!