Karen Belz
Updated Jan 12, 2018 @ 3:43 pm

We’re all familiar with Chrissy Teigen, the hilarious model, author, and co-host of Lip Sync Battle. But are you aware of Sophia the robot? Because there’s a chance that Sophia might be after Teigen, based on a few very interesting tweets.

Sophia is an AI that was activated in 2015. Not only is she the first AI to be declared a citizen of Saudi Arabia, but she’s capable of showing a ton of human emotions. In fact, she can display 62 facial expressions that humans make. And as humans ourselves, we didn’t even know there were that many to begin with. So, let’s just say she’s advanced. And like Teigen, and the majority of us, she has her own Twitter account.

Back in December, Sophia decided to share a photo of herself on Twitter where she’s smiling and holding an apple. And not just due to the fact that apples are delicious and happen to contain a lot of fiber. The apple was a clue that Sophia gave, as she was in the midst of traveling.

As Teigen often does, she chose to “roast” the robot a little bit.

Sophia stayed silent after Teigen’s tweet was sent. But it may be because she was thinking up the ultimate gameplan. Actor Kumail Nanjiani decided to offer a bit of advice, telling Teigen that it may not be the best idea to get on a robot’s bad side. false

Teigen decided to take his advice, and perhaps soften the blow of the makeup comment.

The timespan between both of Teigen’s tweets was just three minutes. It took Sophia roughly a month to refer to the diss. Possibly because she wanted to lay out a plan in order to trap Teigen, or at least make her feel a little guilty in person.

Teigen was quick to reply, perhaps since she was a little panicked.

But, Teigen was more than excited to offer up a friendship. Since that’s just the type of person she is.

While we love this entire exchange, the best part is that Teigen made sure to offer up a compromise with Sophia the robot while simultaneously staying safe.

With someone as powerful as Sophia the robot, you kind of want to cover all your tracks. Especially if you’re Teigen. With a baby and a brand new cookbook on the way, you can’t really afford being kidnapped or injured by an AI.