Kit Steinkellner
Updated Feb 18, 2017 @ 8:35 am
Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images
Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Our love for Chrissy Teigen knows no bounds. She’s hilarious, irrepressible, and fearless. She also has absolutely no patience for bullshit.

Chrissy Teigen spoke out about how the modeling industry needs to do some serious work when it comes to diversity.

Teigen is of Thai, Norwegian, and German descent. In an interview with E! News at the Sports Illustrated Swim 2017 launch party, she spoke about the stereotyping and underrepresentation of Asian women in the field of modeling:

Chrissy Teigen is also none too thrilled with Hollywood’s current diversity situation (or lack thereof):

That said, Teigen loves being an inspiration for people looking for the media to make strides towards inclusivity.

We’re super proud of you too, Chrissy. Keep standing up, speaking out, and fighting the good fight. We support you 1000% and totally have your back.