Marissa Higgins
September 05, 2016 12:21 pm

Chrissy Teigen has basically branded herself as the world’s most relatable model, ever, and we love her for it. Between releasing a cookbook full of recipes that are actually easy to cook and taste good and her hilarious social media presence, Teigan continues winning our hearts over by relating to her fans as a real, genuine person.

Recently on Twitter, Teigen even took her sense of humor into the politics of territory, and her own priorities when it comes to the qualifications our next Commander in Chief should have.

Case in point, Teigen’s desires in the next President begin with potatoes:

Of course, we all know never to put foil in a microwave, because hello, that’s how you can start a fire. Though microwaving your potatoes is an easy kitchen hack that can make cooking dinner significantly faster — just wrap them in a damp paper towel, not foil.

When it comes to dangerous kitchen mistakes, Chrissy Teigen doesn’t hold back about her toaster use, either:

Ah, the old putting a utensil in the toaster oven mistake. Sure, in our half-asleep morning states, we’ve all almost used a knife to get a bagel out of the toaster, right? But seriously: Please don’t do this! Again: This is how fires can start!

Some of her requests for a President will be a little harder to fulfill:

But honestly, though her whole rant was tongue-in-cheek, this one we could get with:

While Teigen’s wants in a President are pretty hilarious, we think we’ll stick with the serious tips she has in terms of time spent in the kitchen.