Sa'iyda Shabazz
March 12, 2017 11:58 am

Model and Lip Sync Battle host Chrissy Teigen is familiar with mom-shamers and how to handle them. Since her daughter, Luna, was born less than a year ago, nearly every move she’s made has been met with criticism. The condemnation has gotten so bad that even John Legend, Teigen’s husband, has clapped back in defense of his family.

Recently, Teigen took to Twitter to share some of the rude comments she received about a picture of Luna, including remarks like “They both have jackets on and can’t even put a pair of socks on the poor baby.”

Her response? “Imagine being this miserable. We are fine, thanks.”

Two words: YASSS, girl. We love that Chrissy’s not afraid to stand up for herself and her family.

Teigen, who recently penned an essay revealing her ongoing battle with postpartum depression, has never shied away from confronting those who criticize her parenting skills. And since the criticism began pretty much as soon as she gave birth, it is no surprise that she wants to defend herself.

As Teigen is well aware, there is something about seeing a woman with a child that makes strangers think they can just offer their opinions to mothers without any sort of understanding of the family. And social media has made it easy for people to just leave these comments wherever and whenever they feel like.

But Teigen continues to face the criticism head-on, often getting ahead of any potentially offending comments. Last month, for example, she posted a picture of Luna in her diaper and captioned it, “This diaper is never not blue so don’t even start with me.” Someone replied “preemptive hater shutdown,” because everyone has come to expect the negative comments.

We know that in this day and age, the behavior isn’t going to change anytime soon. So we applaud Teigen for always standing up for herself and her parenting choices.