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We officially can’t get enough of the cutest trio around. John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, and Luna just celebrated Christmas, but the cuteness hasn’t stopped since then. Just yesterday, Legend, Teigen, and Luna celebrated Legend’s birthday with a host of adorable photos. Plus, Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend post legit marriage goals on the regular. (Did we mention we can’t get enough of this family?) Now, Teigen’s most recent Instagram post is our new obsession — it’s just too sweet to ignore.

Chrissy Teigen didn’t accompany the post with a caption. Instead, she let the photo speak for itself. It shows Legend, basically swooning over his baby daughter. (And, TBH, we are, too.)

Legend appears to be wearing a robe, while Luna sports a white T-shirt with ruffled sleeves and a delighted expression.

We can’t help but envy the picture-perfect trio, but it’s only because we love them so. We just want to see their swoon-worthy photos all the time, and we are not ashamed of that. Plus, we recognize that not *every* photo is perfect. Take, for example, baby Luna’s adorable Santa photos.

The baby is composed, and well-behaved. Then, consider Teigen’s behind-the-scenes look at a less-than-pleased Luna.

Still, they’re a gorgeous family inside and out. Pictures from Legend’s birthday are so cute, we can barely handle it. First of all, Tiegen and Luna donned swimsuits and soaked up some sun for the occasion.

Legend also got pictures with his daughter, including a selfie that totally shows the resemblance between them. Like father like daughter, we can already tell.

Finally, Legend posted a dreamy photo of his “birth-date night” and seriously, these two are the ultimate #relationshipgoals.

Still, it’s today’s photo of Legend staring adoringly at Luna that’s really got us mooning over the lovely family. We simply can’t get enough of them, and we’re so glad they’re getting some quality family time this holiday season.