Toria Sheffield
Updated Jan 05, 2018 @ 2:57 pm

If you follow internet-related news, you probably are aware that YouTuber Logan Paul received immense backlash for posting a video of a suicide victim while visiting Japan. And while many called for YouTube to ban Paul from the site, celebrity Chrissy Teigen initially proposed that we accept Paul’s apology and move on.

However, Teigen has officially changed her mind about Paul, admitting she was “wrong” for suggesting we forgive him in recent tweets.

The change of heart came after several other videos from Paul’s trip to Japan surfaced, this time featuring the YouTuber (who by the way, has millions of followers, many of them children and young teens) running through the streets of Tokyo, disrespecting the locals, making racist and stereotypical “Asian” gestures, and exhibiting an utter disregard for local customs and practices.

Here is a compilation of the most egregious moments from his trip:

Here’s some of what Teigen had to say before the above actions became widely known (which angered many of her followers who believed she should have taken a harder stance against Paul):

However, after seeing more of Paul’s content, Teigen officially changed her mind.

When one follower commented that they “tried to tell her,” she simply said, “I know, man. I know.[…] I was wrong.”

While we understand why many found Teigen’s initial response uninformed and inappropriate (one Twitter user aptly pointed out that while perhaps Teigen’s overall point about forgiveness was valid, Logan Paul — a YouTuber with young, impressionable followers, as well as white male privilege on his side — was not the best place to start), we give Teigen credit for admitting she was wrong. It takes a big person to acknowledge they made a mistake, especially in front of millions of people, and we hope that her many followers are paying attention.

Let this serve as a reminder that it’s never too late to change your mind or admit that you didn’t have all the facts. It’s often the first step toward real change, both personal and on a larger scale, and if Paul’s unacceptable videos have taught us anything, it’s that the world could use some positive change now.