Typically in the world of dating, there are two types of people you want to avoid — coworkers and neighbors. But luckily, things seem to be working out for Chrissy Metz and her off-screen boyfriend Josh Stancil. While Metz is one of the breakout stars of This Is Us, Stancil works as a cameraman. They’ve been dating since at least October and decided to go public with their relationship this January.

Metz, who’s currently 36, isn’t new to dating. She said that both her and Stancil knew the risk upon entering the relationship, but had a game plan in case things soured. More or less, the two of them would stay professional.

Even so, she shared that Stancil offered to quit if things didn’t work out — but based on her thoughts about the situation, Metz said she wouldn’t allow that to happen.

We definitely think that she is handling this in the best way. She’s made a point to be an actress instead of a girlfriend while on set, and even went so far as to try and keep his identity a secret.

But now, she’s more than happy to bring him to big events, like the Television Academy “Words + Music” Celebration, in which the two looked fantastic.

Credit: David Livingston / Getty Images

Back in February, Metz revealed that the relationship was healthy, and based on respect.

Wise words, and true for any relationship. We’re so happy that Stancil and Metz have such a thriving relationship, and look forward to seeing the pair together during future red carpet events.