Rachel Paige
June 21, 2016 5:02 pm
John Sciulli/Getty Images, Mark Sullivan/Getty Images

Chris Pratt is a glorious human being, who takes even more glorious-er (just made that word up) photos. While he might not upload any of these as his featured image on Facebook, they deserve to see the light of day. There’s no such thing as a bad Chris Pratt image.

1. Someone was super excited at the 2004 Teen Choice Awards.

John Sciulli/Getty Images, Mark Sullivan/Getty Images

2. Chris Pratt…smash?

Lee Celano/Getty Images

3.Feels like Pratt will go full method if someone would just cast him in the next next Karate Kid.

KMazur/Getty Images

4. There were many strange faces to be made while hanging out with Everwood’s Mike Erwin.

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

5. That one time Pratt tried to, uh, lick Erwin?

Michael Caulfield Archive/Getty Images

6. This next image present without commentary.

Sylvain Gaboury/Getty Images

7. This next picture looks so innocent. But is Pratt straddling the rope? Does he really have to go to the bathroom? What is going on?

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

8. Good idea, shield the WB poster as best as possible.

Jean-Paul Aussenard/Getty Images

9. Good idea, hug the Comic-Con banner.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

10. A lot going on here. Let’s get Pratt back on the catwalk, and soon.

Michael Caulfield Archive/Getty Images


Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

12. You just KNOW Pratt is asking wife Anna Faris if the giant Lego Emmett can come home and hang out with them.

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

13. And the award for most photogenic human on the planet goes to…

Steve Granitz/Getty Images