Credit: NBC

In the last couple of months we have experienced a total Chris Pratt renaissance. From his adorable child, all the way to his talented and hilarious wife Anna Faris — he truly can have it all. And just when we all thought he couldn’t surprise us anymore, he goes ahead and poses with Denzel Washington and horse on the red carpet. And no, you did not just misread that last sentence. Chris Pratt totally posed with Denzel and a horse at the Venice Film Festival.

Credit: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Obviously this was done to help promote their joint movie venture called Magnificent Seven. The film tells a story of a team of outlaws being led by Washington’s character, in a stance for an impoverished Mexican village. Since this is a Western of sorts, it only makes sense that there would be horses around. Lucky for us, Pratt decided to include one in a photo op.

And in case you were wondering why you feel all sorts of emotions — it might just be because this photo reminds you of Chris Pratt’s best role to date: Andy Dwyer. The adorable goof who entertained us season after season on Parks and Recreation had a special place in our hearts for singing the horse themed music for Little Sebastian.

If this is just the beginning of the promotional tour for Magnificent Seven, we can all look forward to more amazing photos (please tell us the horse will be in all of them??)