Johnni Macke
November 22, 2016 3:00 pm
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Need another reason to love this Hollywood couple? We’ve got one!

The adorable duo of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris at the Seahawks game is pretty much all of us when we see a star or get VIP treatment and now we want to be friends with them even more.

On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks played the Philadelphia Eagles and they won, but it’s Pratt and Faris, who’ve been married since 2009, that stole the show in our minds.

Sure, winning a football game is great and we’re sure the Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson was pretty happy about it, but the Guardians of the Galaxy star and his wife were our MVPs of the game, mostly because their reaction to getting a VIP look at the stadium is all of us when we are fangirling.

The couple, who have one son together, spent the day enjoying the Seahawks game together — they are MAJOR fans — and even got to go in the VIP areas of the stadium, which as you can expect was awesome, and they both majorly freaked out.

That wasn’t the only surreal moment for the goofy couple. They got to meet cornerback, Richard Sherman, near the locker room area and Faris even got an autograph.

Chris Pratt/Snapchat

While this isn’t the first time Pratt and Faris have shown their love for the Seahawks it certainly makes for one of the greatest day dates we’ve ever seen.

Next time we vote for these two bringing their precious son, Jack with them to tour the field. Something tells us that he’d love it!