Sarah Terry
August 03, 2016 10:00 am

Chris Hemsworth is one of our favorite studs, obvi! And the Ghostbusters and Thor star’s most standout quality (besides his abs) is his adorable sense of humor, because that’s just what makes him unfairly attractive. He released an adorable video on Instagram today, and it’s delightful.

He posted this video of his work with his stunt coordinator.

“Killing it at stunt training with @bobbydazzler84 today, taking it to new heights.”

Hehehe, #stuckthelanding. He is too charming for real life! We totally thought he was going to do a crazy flip, but he tricked us!

It does make us feel better to know he’s not perfect.

If someone that looked like that, was a movie star and could also speak with an Australian accent could also do incredible flips, we might just melt.

It’s nice to know that Chris still needs a little help with some things.