Rebecca Vineyard
Updated Dec 02, 2016 @ 5:13 pm
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It’s no secret, we love the star of the Thor films. We felt that way even before we were aware that Chris Hemsworth hired his brother Luke as personal trainer. We knew the middle Hemsworth brother had paid off his parents’ debt, and that he says the sweetest things about his wife, Elsa Pataky. But what he did for Luke takes his generosity and love to a whole new level.

It all started with 2013’s Thor: The Dark World. Apparently, Chris Hemsworth’s trainer wasn’t available for the London shoot. So, he called Luke, an avid fitness lover, and offered him the gig.

Luke, obviously, is one of the stars of Westworld – but he says none of that would be possible without Chris. The actor is the eldest of the ridiculously handsome Hemsworth trio. He stopped pursuing a career as a performer to provide more stability for his family – but he never truly gave up on his dream.

Luke and his wife Samantha married in 2007. They have four daughters: Alexandre, Ella, Holly and Harper Rose. Though he wanted to rekindle his acting career, the idea of selling his business to move to L.A. would be risky for all of them.

Luke definitely had his share of struggles after moving, but with Westworld, things are looking up. And, he says, none of it would be possible without Chris. We’re definitely feeling all the feels.