Credit: Bravo

We know that Carrie Fisher will have a pretty big role in this year’s Star Wars film — but, how will the franchise handle films that’ll take place afterward? Chris Hardwick had some ideas on addressing General Leia, and since he’s such a huge fan of Star Wars, we think his opinions hold some merit.

Hardwick appeared on Watch What Happens Live the other night, and the question about Carrie’s unfortunate passing definitely came up. A fan of the Bravo talk show submitted it when hearing that Hardwick — an actor, producer, and host who’s very well known in the “nerd” circles — would be appearing.

Here’s what Hardwick had to say:

Hardwick continued on with the praise, even suggesting a performance that all true fans should catch.

Well, don’t mind if we do.

Even the American Film Institute itself admits that Fisher stole the show.

We really hope that Fisher’s death is addressed honorably in future films — she was obviously such a big reason as to why they’re so legendary.