Rebecca Vineyard
Updated November 11, 2016
Michael Loccisano/Getty

Nerd extraordinaire Chris Hardwick has built a media empire and hosts several shows. He’s also offering an inspiring message to Americans discouraged by the election, and his post-election speech is here to make us feel better.

Hardwick is the founder of Nerdist Industries. It’s a media empire, and a dream for everyone who loves geeky things. He’s also the host of Talking Dead and the social media-focused celebrity game show, @midnight. Oh, and Chris Hardwick took a wand to the Fantastic Beasts premiere. Yep.

Michael Loccisano/Getty

This week on @midnight, Hardwick encouraged us all to stay positive:

In the video @midnight posted, Hardwick urges viewers to stay. Clearly, the most American thing we can do is to stay – and work to make our communities better. Hardwick tells us to love our families and be good to people. Of course, it’s a gentle reminder of what we already know: Love trumps hate.

While the job of president is a huge one, Hardwick has a point. The president, whoever it is, only has so much power. We govern our actions, and we also affect the country.

The speech concludes, “You guys make America great.” Truly, Hardwick’s inspiring post-election speech makes us feel a bit better.

Now, it’s been a rough week, but we’re feeling a lot more positive about it.