Rachel Paige
May 27, 2016 3:44 pm

Avengers who save the world together, stick together. They also get to pop up in practically ALL the Marvel Cinematic Movies movies — even if it’s just for a quick cameo. But we are here for that kind of surprise appearance, and we want more of it. So please, Marvel, if you’re listening, let Chris Evans suit up as Captain America for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The new Spider-Man, Tom Holland, made a huge splash showing up in Captain America: Civil War for the climatic Avenger vs. Avenger scene. Though his screen time was limited, we can all agree that we want more Spider-Man, and we’re not the only ones. In a new interview with MTV International, Evans admits that he would be open to teaming up with Spider-Man again. Even if it does mean making-nice with someone from #TeamIronMan.

When asked what movie he’d like the First Avenger to appear in next, Evans replied,”[The Spider-Man movies] are going to be fantastic. That might be a fun one for [Cap] to pop into.”

Oh gosh, this might be the best idea EVER. It would also make a lot of sense — really. Both Peter Parker and Steve Rogers are New York City born and raised, and you never forget your roots. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Steve even jokes with Sam Wilson that he can’t afford rent in Brooklyn anymore (LOLZ, but also, true). Brooklyn isn’t that far away from Peter’s home in Queens.

And can’t you just see cool Aunt May (this time, played by Marisa Tomei) being SUPER into the idea of Captain American stopping by? We are. Someone make Evans’ Spider-Man dream a reality.