Trilby Beresford
Updated Dec 13, 2016 @ 10:36 am
Credit: Marvel

There are a lot of great things about Chris Evans, like his face, muscles, and (of course) talent. But apparently he also means business…AKA Evans is a Hollywood casting director’s best investment. Basically, Captain America puts bums on seats.

For the second year running, Evans is Forbes’ best actor for the buck. Meaning that for the last three Captain America movies he brought in a whopping $135.80 at the box office for every $1 that he made.

But before you rush to the conclusion that he’s underpaid…rest assured that he makes many multiples of millions. So yeah, even though this unique title isn’t necessarily an actor’s goal, it’s safe to say his career isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Not that we were worried.

And in case you’re just hopping on board the Chris Evans train, it’s interesting to note that he’s had a super diverse career so far. Even though he’s (officially) the most lucrative movie star on the planet, he’s still able to star in indie films like Snowpiercer and the upcoming Gifted, which co-stars Jenny Slate (they look amazing together in the trailer…also, they’re dating because of course they are!).

Oh, and he’s also just one heck of a good guy! Look at what he does on his time off!

Huge congrats to Evans for all the success he’s achieved, both in big blockbuster movies…

…and for choosing roles that continue to challenge him.

And we hope that he never hangs up his Captain America hat, because it’s working so well for him. And for us. Obvi.