Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Yesterday morning, we were all shocked to hear the news about the death of Chris Cornell. Upon further investigation, Cornell’s death — which occurred right after a show in Detroit with his band Soundgarden — was ruled to be a suicide. While it seems early, Cornell’s wife, Vicky Karayiannis Cornell, has already released a statement regarding the unfortunate situation.

Cornell and his wife, a publicist, had been married for 13 years. The pair have two children together — Toni and Christopher.

Vicky noted that Cornell went home for Mother’s Day to celebrate with his family. That said, she had no clue this was coming — especially since they were in the midst of making plans for Memorial Day during that visit.

She also opened up over the fact that he was taking an anti-depressant during the time, and confided in her that he took one too many that night.

She also wanted to thank his many fans for the outpour of love and support.

Chris Cornell definitely had quite a following and was very influential in the music industry.

We know that this is a rough time for Cornell’s family, and hope they find more answers soon.