Chloe and Halle Visit Music Choice
Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images

One thing we love about kids is that they’re awesome, action-packed bundles of energy who ask Daniel Radcliffe the most thorough interview questions ever. But as any honest mom will assure you, the little ones are routinely more than a handful. Depending on whose kid you’re dealing with and what mood they’re in at the moment, you never know what you’re going to get. That brings us to a not-so-random question: What’s it like to hang out with Blue Ivy?

What better way to get an answer to that question than to ask people who, you know, have actually spent time with Beyonce’s 4-year-old mini-diva in the making. People chose the perfect source in sister singing duo Chloe x Halle who revealed a little bit about Blue Ivy’s personality.


“She’s very kind and very curious – like any other child would be,” Chloe said. “She’s the kindest, kindest girl,” Halle added.

Ah, just as we suspected. But does Blue fully comprehend her mother’s role as Dominator of Pop Diva-ness and Ruler of the Badass Beyhive?

“No!” Halle said. “She’s the sweetest little kid. She just thinks her parents are going to work and they’re raising her so well,” Chloe added.

Clearly, Beyoncé and Jay have the parenting game down pat. Who else does taught Blue Ivy how to shut down the paparazzi?