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Chloe Grace Moretz is a firecracker. Known for her acting, her relationship with son-of-Posh Brooklyn Beckham, and getting into a Twitter feud or two, the young star sat down to chat with the famous Julianne Moore (her fellow 30 Rock alum) about what’s to come, and why voicing your opinions on social media isn’t totally bad. Or at least, something she’s not ashamed of.

In the Teen Vogue feature, Moretz mentioned that she’s a huge advocate for LGBT rights, especially after witnessing the attitudes and backlash her brothers faced after they came out. And part of that activism has to happen on social media.

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She also credits social media for helping her generation become so outspoken.

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But best of all, she talked about how you shouldn’t feel pressured to post certain things on your social media account.

If you remember her feud with Kim Kardashian on showing too much skin, you’ll probably predict how her feelings have formed on the topic.

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All in all, Moretz thinks you’re way more than your Facebook and Instagram posts, which is a healthy point of view. And she’s right — everyone should think hard before posting anything to their account that they may someday regret. But while Moretz seems slightly wary about using these sources for personal branding, she thinks they’re amazing to help spread the world on causes that are truly important.