Candace Ganger
Updated September 12, 2016 11:07 am
Getty Images/Team GT

Aging is part of life but in Chloë Grace Mortez’s case, so is slaying! In the side-by-side Instagram photo posted yesterday, the stunning actress looks absolutely adorable in a strapless, flower-printed dress on the left, which looks to be at The Amityville Horror premiere she attended as a child. On the right, she’s completely elegant in a similar, yet more grown-up strapless version. It’s almost like she saw into her own future and planned this — and with her talent, that wouldn’t surprise us one bit!

We have to agree — similar-printed dresses, years a part, is trippy, indeed, but she rocks both styles with ease.

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With her upcoming role in Brain on Fire — a film based on Susannah Cahalan’s bestselling memoir about a New York Post journalist who is repeatedly misdiagnosed after suffering seizures and hearing voices — Chloë has already garnered early Oscar buzz via the Toronto Film International Festival in the last week. This is no surprise to us because clearly, the girl’s got talent.

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And if there is a nomination in her future, we can only hope she’ll treat us with another sweet flashback so we can collectively applaud all that is Chloë together!