Madison Vanderberg
August 18, 2017 11:42 am

The bond between a woman and her dog is real. And her cats, too. Our fur babies bring us so much joy in this life. Chloe Grace Moretz recently lost her family dog of sixteen years. Naturally, she is heartbroken.

The actress wrote a seriously beautiful ode to her pet Isabella, and we’re tearing up.

It’s not every day something this moving shows up in your Instagram feed.

“Our baby girl Isabella Moretz passed away today,” Moretz wrote in the Instagram caption. “Losing your light in this world tears my heart into pieces. You gave us the gift of the most beautiful 16 years with you. I’ll never forget how, when you barked, your entire body would jump backwards because you were so tiny. It was the most incredibly adorable thing ever. I love you little lady. Through thick and thin you were by my side. 2001-2017 Rest In Peace my darling angel.”

When you have a dog for that many years, it’s difficult to imagine your life without them.

This is especially sad because Moretz lost another family pet just last month.

“You’ve been my protector and best friend since I was a little girl and I wish the end didn’t come so abruptly but I know you’re at peace now,” she wrote about her dog Fuller.

According to a Variety interview from August, Moretz revealed that she lives with her mom and her brothers and their five dogs. That brood includes her newest pup, a pug named Ruby.

Sending all the love to Moretz, her family, and their adorable pooches.