We are beyond ecstatic to report that unicorns exist. This weekend, a rare Channing Tatum unicorn was photographed in his natural habitat — a kids’ Halloween party. The species looked exactly as we’d always imagined. The uni-Tatum was purple plush with a rainbow horn and matching rainbow mane and tail. Truly magnificent.

The Kingsman: Golden Circle actor and wife Jenna brought daughter Everly to her preschool Halloween carnival and really pulled out all the parenting stops. Like dad, Jenna and Everly also drew inspiration from magical beings and attended the event as fairies.

But all eyes were on papa Tatum — hooves and all.

Judging by the photo Jenna posted to her Instagram story, some may say Tatum wasn’t happy assuming this new velvet-clad persona. But we think he shows a quiet determination.

Credit: jennadewan /

The Dewan-Tatum family are the masters of the cute matching Halloween costumes. Remember their 2015 The Cat in the Hat couples costume? As if you could forget…

Credit: Getty Images / Amy Graves

Tatum loves a costume with a bodysuit.

After seeing that purple plush masterpiece, we’re rethinking our own Halloween costume. Now we kind of want to go as a Channing Tatum unicorn — the rarest of them all. Will any of our friends be the Jenna Dewan fairy to our uni-Tatum?

The Tatums definitely deserves the “parents of the week” awards for committing to their costumes. We can’t wait to see what they do on actual Halloween!