Karen Fratti
June 03, 2017 12:43 pm
Noam Galai/Getty Images

Before performing at the Governor’s Ball Friday night in New York City, Chance the Rapper stopped by “Ebro in the Morning” on HOT 97, a local hip-hop station, to hang out for a bit. During the show, he talked about everything from basketball to Kanye West, but the best part was when Chance the Rapper talked about his brother coming out as bisexual on Twitter earlier this year.

It was a pretty huge thing to do. You’re telling the whole wide world at once when you come out on social media — but Chance loved it. On “Ebro,” he said that after his brother, fellow rapper Taylor Bennett, came out as bisexual, they were able to have a better conversation about it.

“We honestly didn’t talk about it until after he put it out on Twitter,” Chance said. “[That’s one of] the coolest parts about the advancements of social media.”

He added, “We have the closest bond I have with anybody on this earth just because he’s my brother. We’re the same dude, we do all the same things.”

Scroll to 17:20 to hear the exchange about Bennett.

Chance said that his brother’s decision to come out as bisexual made their relationship stronger, even though he didn’t know about his brother’s sexuality until the Twitter announcement.

Chance explained that his brother just seemed lighter after coming out to the world; he made the announcement while on family vacation in Malibu — with Chance, his mom, and Chance’s daughter — and Chance said it seemed easier for his brother to not have to hide anything after the Twitter moment.

There are a lot of benefits and pitfalls of coming out on social media, but one of the good things is that you don’t have to have a bazillion conversations with everyone who loves you. You just get it out there. “It’s cool that he could tell everybody via the internet and kind of blunt the impact,” Chance explained.

Chance also said that he didn’t baby his younger brother or try to give him advice. “We’re both adults,” he said. “I kind of just stepped back and…admired him.”

Coming out about your sexuality (or anything that’s burdening you) is a hard thing to do. Once you get it out there, it’s likely you’ll feel so much lighter, especially if you have the kind of love and support that Chance’s brother did.