Karen Belz
February 23, 2017 7:22 am

Babies are great, but having two babies at once might be a bit of a handful. Luckily, parenting pro Celine Dion gave some advice about twins to Beyoncé, who is expecting to have her own set in the near future. George and Amal, you might want to lean in and hear this as well.

Dion is the mother of two boys, Nelson and Eddy, who she had with late husband René Angélil. Both of them turned six in October, and from the looks of it, Dion truly battled the newborn and infant stages like a warrior. Her sons seem happy, healthy, and pretty well adjusted for having such an icon as a mother. Surely Beyoncé’s new arrivals will be able to relate!

That’s pretty accurate. We mean, think about it — has Beyoncé made any sort of misstep so far?

Dion made sure to note that no matter what, the house will be pretty hectic.

Seriously — she’s Beyoncé. And she’s already proven she’s an incredible mother to Blue Ivy. She has nothing to worry about!

Dion then went on to compliment Beyonce’s Grammy look, which as we all know, was nothing short of stunning. And not only that, but the overall praise just kept on coming.

We’re so glad to hear that these two influential women are, obviously, inspired by one another. We have a good feeling that Celine Dion will be a great resource for Beyoncé if she ever needs to reach out and ask for some additional advice!