Angelica Florio
October 15, 2017 2:23 pm

Is this really happening? It’s exciting when a celebrity asks their fans for input about something. But it’s the most exciting thing in the world when Serena Williams requests suggestions for what her push present should be.

In case you missed it, Williams gave birth to daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr, aka Olympia, on September 1st. Based on her latest Instagram, it seems that the tennis star still hasn’t received her proverbial “push present” yet. And she needs our help.

On Saturday, Serena took to the ‘Gram to ask her followers, “Ladies is a ‘push present’ a thing? If so what did you get if anything?” Well, push presents are a thing. If you’re unfamiliar, they’re gifts that husbands bestow upon their wives after, well, the latter has pushed a human baby out of their bodies. (Side note, women are incredible.)

Williams also included the hashtag #conversationstarter. It seems she really wants people’s input, so let the games begin!

Before we start listing of push present ideas, first take a moment to appreciate the beautiful photo of baby Olympia and the ever-glorious Williams that started this whole convo.

Aww, the cuteness, it is blinding!

Speaking of blinding — will Williams perhaps choose a sparkly diamond for her push present? Kim Kardashian famously received a $1 million Lorraine Schwartz choker for her push present after giving birth to Saint West in 2016, so perhaps Williams will want to follow suit.

Might we suggest this Cartier necklace, Serena?

The emeralds and diamonds together make for the decadence that Williams deserves after not only carrying and giving birth to her baby but for also for winning the Australian Open while pregnant.Plus, we already know that Williams looks ah-mazing in emerald.

Plus, we already know that Williams looks ah-mazing in emerald.

Most of Williams’ Instagram followers have suggested diamonds. That, or they’ve smugly told her that the greatest gift is her child. But what about something out of the box for her push present? Like, say…an island?!

Williams deserves the world, but since the world isn’t for sale, she will have to settle for a private island.

How about an island off the coast of Greece? It seems fitting considering the Greek roots of Olympia’s name. Plus, we bet Williams would likely be comfortable there considering her travels to similar-looking locations.

No, an island simply won’t do, because they probably take a lot of upkeep and Williams deserves to relax.

Considering how devoted Williams has always been to tennis, maybe she would like to switch things up. Her push present should simply be a soccer ball!

But since her partner Alexis Ohanian has a projected net worth of around $9 million, Williams’s soccer ball should probably be gold and covered with diamonds. She is a champion, after all.

Whatever Serena ends up getting as a push present, we hope that it’s exciting to the real-life superwoman. An incredible woman like her deserves to be showered with gifts at every opportunity.