Olympia is already a model, and we're so here for it.
Serena Williams
Credit: Dia Dipasupil, Getty Images

If you loved watching Blue Ivy Carter steal the runway at her mama's new Icy Park shoot, then just wait until you get a load of the Spring 2021 Stuart Weitzman Footsteps to Follow campaign, which featured another very prominent mother-daughter duo. While modeling the new collection, tennis pro and longtime SW spokesperson Serena Williams was joined by her toddler, the one and only Olympia Ohanian. This is their first-ever fashion campaign together, and to say we're obsessed would be an understatement. 

"I would definitely call Olympia my mini-me. She is mini-Serena," the mom proudly stated in a clip from the campaign video shoot.

The brand has shared three video shoots and one still image of Williams and her 3-year-old daughter embracing each other in the new looks, but there's one post that caught our eye in particular. In a video sequence, the mom and daughter are dancing while Williams has Olympia repeating positive affirmations after her, such as "love," "strong," "dream," "beautiful," and "intelligent." This tiny glimpse into their relationship just proves why we've always loved and admired the kind of woman and mom Williams really is.

SW's newest campaign Footsteps to Follow is aimed at showcasing the "powerful bond between mother and daughter" while highlighting "how every generation can inspire any generation to step into each other's shoes and step into new worlds," the brand explained on Instagram. At its core, the launch's main purpose is to radiate hope and optimism, which is why each new pair is uniquely designed to "shine in the modern woman's perfectly-curated wardrobe."

Looking back on the experience, Williams shared, "Being on set with Olympia meant so much to me, and it is a moment together I will never forget." If this means she'll allow Olympia to crash more photo shoots in the future then we're totally down!