Someone is expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy pretty soon. Pink’s daughter Willow has a loose tooth, and as you’d imagine, she’s pretty excited about it.

Willow is currently on tour with Pink, which means she’s exploring what road life is all about. Lucky for her, the Tooth Fairy happens to be a pretty big fan of Pink and will be able to locate the 6-year-old even while she’s not at home.

In the video shared by the singer on Instagram, Willow explains her strategy for losing her tooth. Father Carey Hart offered to pull it out with dental floss, but that’s not method she’s hoping for.

Not many kids have the opportunity to lose their tooth while on tour in London. Willow was on a tight schedule to make it happen. (But we’re sure that losing it in another fabulous city would be equally cool. These things require patience.)

The tooth loss is definitely a big milestone for Willow, who is growing so fast before our very eyes. Just last year, she competed in her very first bike race — so it’s safe to say she’s following in her father’s footsteps.

Of course, Pink isn’t letting Willow have all the fun in London. As you can see in the video, Pink also made sure her brand new baby boy, Jameson, got to fully experience the tour bus.

Little Jameson was born the day after Christmas last year, and he might just be Pink’s tiniest (and cutest) fan. While he still has some time before he starts losing (and, well, gaining) teeth, we’re sure that Willow will give him some professional advice when it happens.

As for Pink, she’ll be back in the States soon enough. She has a show in Illinois at the start of September, and also has dates lined up in California and Las Vegas.