Karen Belz
Updated Oct 12, 2017 @ 3:16 pm

One of the toughest parts about having a kid is the fact that someone, somewhere, will always try to question your parenting. Olivia Wilde is being mom-shamed for an adorable photo she posted on Instagram of her and her three-year-old son, Otis. The reason why she’s getting all this flack? Because she’s kissing him directly on the lips.

The photo was likely meant to be uplifting. Wilde posted the memorable moment a few days after news came out about the tragic Las Vegas shooting. She was probably addressing the devastating news when she captioned the photo “Finding hope in this.”

The picture illustrates the incredible love between a mother and her child.

But instead of seeing the photo as a message of love, fans had a debate over whether or not it’s okay to kiss your children on the lips. One mom-shamer wanted Wilde to know that “Kissing your kid like your husband” is “not good for him,” while others brought up topics like herpes and other spreadable illnesses.

Others rallied behind Wilde, saying that the picture shows nothing more than unconditional love.

Personally, we think it’s sweet. Wilde hasn’t never been shy of sharing personal moments with Otis and her daughter, Daisy, who just turned one yesterday, and we hope this criticism doesn’t stop her from giving us this window into her life.

We’re happy that Wilde refuses to let other mothers bring her down. It’s obvious that she loves her children and keeps their best interests at heart.